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Go Skateboarding Day is here! What is the skateboarding scene in Norwich all about? While the half pipes and bowls are filling up, let’s take a look at the skate shops that fuel these skateboarders. Namely, Drug Store in Norwich.

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It’s Go Skateboarding Day on 21st June, and as much as I’d love to go skate my experience doesn’t stretch further than Tony Hawk’s Project 8 on PlayStation 2, and my Lara Croft skateboard has seen better days, rusting away under my garden bench.

Nevertheless, I feel skateboarding needs to be more celebrated and, even more so, encouraged! So I set out to discover the fine city’s skateboarding scene. Who better to approach than the owner of Drug Store (the niftiest skate shop in Norwich): Sam Avery.

Credits: rockyrelay

What first got you into skateboarding?
Back to the Future.

Trucks, wheels, and good, honest advice.

Do analogue photography and skateboarding go well together?
Sure, up until recent years skateboarding was all shot on film, and plenty still is. North skateboard magazine is a great new free magazine from Scotland and it’s all shot on film. You can pick up a copy in Drug Store and all the other real skate shops in the country.

Credits: rockyrelay

Is there anything unique about the skate scene in Norwich in comparison to other UK cities?
Norwich is an unusual place in general and the skateboard scene here is no different. Our spots are generally rough and quite hard work, but I think that breeds a certain type of skateboarder, one who enjoys a challenge and can make the most of what they have. I think that’s a good approach to life in general.

Credits: rockyrelay

Do shops like Drug Store help skateboarding in the area thrive?
I hope so, that’s really the point of a skate shop, to help support the scene locally. We sponsor a lot of people, make videos, put on contests and video premieres stuff like that. It’s also a place where skateboarders can meet up and hang out before skating.

Credits: rockyrelay

Tell me a little bit more about your shop.What does it do differently to others?
Well, all the things I mentioned before, but mainly we hope we have a friendly welcoming vibe. I’ve been in shops in the past where there is a bit of an attitude and it’s horrible. It doesn’t take much to talk to people and make them feel at ease. We always give good, honest advice and everyone who works here skates, so they know what they are talking about. We will grip your board, put your new bearings in, change your bushings, all those little things that the almighty internet can’t or won’t do for you. We are very proud of what we do here, and of the Norwich scene in general, and we intend to continue to do what we can to help keep skateboarding great. Support your local skate shop because you’ll miss it when it’s not there anymore! Check us out on Facebook and at

Credits: rockyrelay

If you’re skating through Norwich, be sure to visit Drug Store. My photos don’t do it enough justice. See it for yourself! Kit out, gear up, and grind!

Credits: rockyrelay

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