Architecture in York


I now wish I’d have snapped more and more! Bu my walking around with my eyes facing skyward, I was surprised to notice that many other people imitated my direction of sight and also began to appreciate whats around and above them. A whole new world, a world i just want to share!

York Is an extremely old historic City. We’ve been Invaded by many people Including the Normans, Romans and of course the Vikings. But this great history was not the focus of the location, this is more about the combination of Yorks recent history with the previous – it’s Architecture.

Buildings are accepted for what they are in every city and of course the functions that they serve to residential and commercial properties. We appreciate functionality, but do we appreciate their physical beauty (sometimes their repulsiveness attracts me though!?)

Drawn in visually by Intricate detail in construction, uniform repetitiveness of clean parallel lines, angular construction, uniformity and the familiarity they hold for us. The buildings in york are mainly owned commercially within the city and the upper floors of many buildings are used as storage for the businesses occupying the ground floor.

It is this level about direct floor level that also interests me, the street level and the contrast of a different world above. The communication between the roof tops and the sky, connections are made. York has an eclectic mix of architecture within just meters of each other, which brings the history of york together to produce a miss-match city with more character than mickey mouse.

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  1. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    I think you deserve some sponsorship from the York Tourism Office :)

  2. samwise_camus
    samwise_camus ·

    Seconded. As a York kid myself, you've done a great job of capturing what the streets are like on film.

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