Sunrise at Lanikai Beach


Lanikai Beach has been named as one of the world’s best beaches – and rightly so. But the best time of day to see this majesty beach? At sunrise.

Credits: dearjme

If you need some statistics…

Lanikai Beach has been ranked as #5 on National Geographic’s “Top 10 Beaches in the World.” (see article here). If that doesn’t strike your interest immediately, then I’m not sure what else would!

So it seemed like a natural choice for my love and I to visit this beach, now that summer is here, and the weather is even more perfect than it already is. But I wanted to take it one step higher – to see the sunrise at this gorgeous location.

Credits: dearjme

We woke up at 3:45am, got ready, and headed over to Lanikai just in time for the sun to begin peaking over the horizon.

Credits: dearjme

Lanikai is located in Kailua, and is accessible by a public entrance between a few stunningly expensive houses built right on the sand. Consequently, parking is street-side, wherever you can find space, but make sure you take your items with you. Once, I came back to my car and there was a scratch…

But regardless, this location’s beauty is unparalleled during the dawn.

My love and I sat down on the fluffy white sand, and simply relaxed until the sun began to fully rise.

There were some other photographers who had also woken up early, to catch the sunrise procession.

Credits: dearjme

Some of my photos came out underexposed, but that’s okay because the dim effect lends to the fact that it’s early morning. I personally loved how my LC-A+ wide angle lens captured the vast sand, coast, and ocean’s horizon at Lanikai.

Credits: dearjme

Overall, I think that this is my favorite spot to see the sunrise. In Hawaii, everything’s truly beautiful, but there are some moments that definitely take your breath away – and being at Lanikai for a few hours to see the dawn is hands down one of those treasured moments.

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