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2012-08-06 2

Hello Lomoamigos, my name is Sherrie, I’m a blogger and a Lomographer for 2 years. I have been shooting for the past 2 years in and outside of Malaysia. I love travelling and recently took a lot of photos when I’m there! I’m originally from Kuching but I’ll be moving to Kota Kinabalu for work.

Credits: cutebun

Name: Sherrie Pui
City: Kota Kinabalu
Age: 23
Occupation: Sales and Promotion Executive Assistant
LomoHome: cutebun

First thing you see when arriving in KK, the airport!

I just joined the company this month and I’m beginning to feel that this is an exciting job that requires me to travel from place to place. That means a lot of opportunities to take photos in, and outside the city! Besides my full time job, I also love social networking aka twitter, facebook, and blogging!

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah is known as the land below the wind. This city is full of sun, sea and mountain! As one of the Malaysia City Slickers, I will try my best to show you a special side of the amazing city I call home.

Credits: cutebun

The city is so near the sea that almost everywhere I go, I can catch a glimpse of the sea. My favourite place to enjoy the sea view would be at The Sutera Harbour Resort and Club. At the habour, there’s a lot of ships and boats parked at the sides and I can see fishes swimming in the clear blue water.

Credits: cutebun

Kota Kinabalu a.k.a. KK has the most amazing sunset ever! You can just keep snapping non-stop to savour every moment. Check out the shots from other lomographers in KK city.

Credits: watttan & awhalelife

This city has the best nightlife in Borneo, with international events like Hennessy Artistrywhere international DJs are invited to spin! The city at night is a loud one with lots of clubs with different genres of music to suit everyone’s taste.

Credits: cutebun
KK night view

KK is still full of surprises for me and you. Let’s discover more in the next entry!

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  1. shind
    shind ·

    Beautiful article on KK!

  2. cutebun
    cutebun ·

    Thank you @shind

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