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2012-06-11 2

This week’s featured Analogue Lifestyle article is “Lights, Lomography Cameras & Supermodels!” by lawypop who was lucky enough to get all-access at Audi Fashion Week in Singapore! He shares tips on analogue shooting backstage, pre-show, and runway, based on his experience covering for Catalog magazine and Lomography.

Credits: lawypop

“As part of the Lomography x Catalog collaboration for Audi Fashion Week in Singapore, I went along for the glamorous ride into the fashion tents as unofficial Lomography photographer! I was assigned to the photographer’s pit along with the professionals with the digital big guns. I felt out of place at first but as the show started, everyone started firing away and I got into my analogue groove.”

Read more from Lights, Lomography Cameras & Supermodels! by lawypop.

We picked this article because Lawry proves that you don’t need big digital SLRs with telephoto lenses to capture the beauty at fashion week. (And we commend his commitment to bringing several kinds of Lomography cameras!) He also shares some helpful tips on the ethics and etiquette of photographing subjects at the week-long fashion event.

Check out more lomographic looks from Audi Fashion Week in Singapore at Catalog Magazine x Lomography!

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