Andermatt and the Tour of the Three Passes

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Summer is coming, and the cities will became very hot in the next months. So, I present to you a wonderful alpine region that I love when I need to escape from the summer heat!

My town, Como, is near the border of Switzerland. So, in about two hours, I can reach the wonderful Alps in the central region of Switzerland. Taking the motorway directed to the North, I can reach Bellinzona and then Andermatt in two hours.


Andermatt is a charming mountain village and also an important road junction located immediately after the Gotthard Pass. This is the starting point of some beautiful alpine passes that I present to you in this article. This “escapade” is known as the “Three passes tour”. Just left of Andermattt, the road starts to climb towards the village of Hospental, which is where you can find the junction to the Furka Pass road.

Along the Furka Pass

Wonderful waterfalls, wonderful nature! The Furka Pass is 2.436 meters above sea level!

The road of the Furka Pass

An imponent glacier, the Source of the River Rhone!

On this pass is were some scenes from the film “Goldfinger” were filmed, the third film in the James Bond saga, starring Sean Connery!

Along the Grimpselpass

Immediately after the descent of the Furka begins the second pass, the Grimsel (el. 2165 m). This pass connects the valley of the Rhone River in the canton of Valais with the upper valley of Haslital (a valley of the Aar river) in the canton of Bern. On top of the pass there is a restaurant, a parking area for panoramic photos and some small wooden houses used as a refuge for the birds.

The nature is wonderful, the flowers are astonishing!

From the pass, you can see an artificial lake (a reservoir for the hydroelectric power plants, called Räterichsbodensee).

Going down, you can see some delightful alpine villages, until you reach the town of Meiringen, which is famous because according to some traditions, the meringues were invented here! It is well worth stopping for a tasting!

The last pass is the Susten (el. 2264 m.), that connects Innertkirchen in the canton of Bern with Wassen in the canton of Uri. The pass is known for its spectacular views of the Stein Glacier on the south side!

The Stein Glacier

From Wassen you can easily return to Andermatt following the road to the Gotthard Pass, or take the motorway directed to Luzern (direction North) or Bellinzona (direction South).

All these photos were taken in 1994 with my Praktica LB camera.

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    Breathtaking! I long to return to the Alps for a visit.

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