Pulau Ubin: Our Little Escape from the City


Unlike the concrete jungle of Singapore, Pulau Ubin, or ‘Granite island’, is a little island off the north-eastern shores of Singapore, where things are kept quaint and rustic. To get to the island, one must first take a boat from the Changi Ferry terminal. The boat ride is short but the water’s usually choppy, and it’s great fun to sit with friends out on the deck, basking in the sun and enjoying the smell of the sea water.

When you reach the island, you will find that despite the changes that have happened over the past decades on the main island of Singapore, Pulau Ubin has been left seemingly the same, almost as if forgotten. Here, you can enjoy the simple pleasures of sipping a soybean milk drink from an original glass bottle, rent bicycles cheaply to cycle and explore the island, stroll along the picturesque shorelines or chat with the friendly locals.

On days with good weather, the sky is a beautiful clear blue, strewn with some clouds intermittently, and though the temperature is always a scorching high, it makes for a great expedition around the island on bike.

Things can get busy on weekends, with it being a popular destination amongst tourists and locals alike. However, as dusk falls upon the island, it’s charm grows even more.

Sometimes, you can even forget you’re actually still in Singapore.

written by scrabbyknees on 2012-06-20 #places #island #sunny #singapore #location #pulau-ubin #escape-from-the-city

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