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2012-06-20 1

Haas: coffee and art. When I lived in the colorful area of Bo-Kaap 7 years ago, I couldn’t imagine finding SUCH a place there at all. But all these years later, things have changed for the good. Bo-Kaap is an area of Cape Town, South Africa formerly known as the Malay Quarter. It is quintessentially a Township, situated on the slopes of Signal Hill above the city centre and is a historical centre of Cape Malay culture in Cape Town.

Formed in February 2010 by Francois Irvine, Tess Berlein and Glynn Venter, Haas, as it’s casually known, it is home to collectibles, gallery and studio space, a coffee shop, and an advertising agency. The shop came first; here you’ll find a mix of edgy items, pretty things, and one-of-a-kind art pieces; and you’ll certainly come across some surprises, from baboon skulls to ceramic cars. The shelves are stocked with whatever takes the team’s fancy, and their combined eclectic tastes means that there’s a constant flow of quirky keepsakes.

Customers started to ask for coffee, and so, when the space opened up next door to the shop, Haas Coffee was born. With the same amount of dedication they put into finding beautiful things for the shop, the Haas Collective sourced blends from as far afield as Brazil and Indonesia. And for those who consider themselves true coffee connoisseurs, you’ll be happy to hear that this Bo-Kaap cafè stocks on kopi luwak, the most expensive coffee in the world. Made from beans that have been eaten by Asian Palm Civets, a small forest dwelling mammal, this blend is mild and not as bitter as other coffees.

Haas doesn’t only do cappuccinos and flat whites though, you’ll find a range of delicious breakfasts and lunches, from croque monsieurs with smoked gypsy ham to bunny chows served in floury Portuguese rolls, plus pastries and cakes. This cafè is also home to the most snappily dressed waiters around, complete with crisp white shirts and black top hats. An excellent place to start your Bo-Kaap adventure!

Opening hours:
Monday ’til Friday: 7am – 5pm; Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 8am – 3pm
67 Rose Street | Bo-Kaap | Cape Town | +27 (0)21 422 4413

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