Basking in the Romanticism that is Paris


Exploring the French capital through the lens of a Diana Mini, using the x Tungsten film. The outcome was a palette of flirty pinks and muted pastels. Emphasizing on the beauty and eternity of Parisian architecture contradicted by the fleeting nature of street art appearing on any blank canvas. A whimsical romance with the city of love. Delving into the centre of what makes Paris magical.

Montmarte was where a lot of my adventures were spent, indulging in the historical arrondissement, once home to the likes of Salvador Dali, Claude Monet, and Pablo Picasso. The art is still apparent with the street performers on the steps of the Sacré Cœur.

Running around and sharing the joy with my sister and fellow lomograper, indulging in the beauty and awe that surrounded us and seeped into our souls. Using the multi-exposure to add depth and intricacy, mimicking the multi-cultural city. A whimsical and entertaining visit that ended up with meeting kind faces and seeing amazing things. The views were unreal and the feeling was euphoric.

Time was also spent basking in French cuisine, drinking cocktails, and meeting the locals. Piano bars were frequented along with cruises on the Seine. Art exhibitions, galleries, shops were thoroughly enjoyed. The contradiction of the old and new was fantastic and truly exhilarating. With romance to the core, Paris will always be the city in my heart.

written by sarahb246 on 2012-06-20 #places #street-art #love #romance #location #paris #urban-adventures #musings #select-type-of-location #x-tungston

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