Expired Fuji Provia: A Life Saver

2012-06-20 5

While in a trip to Europe, I took a chance and loaded an expired Fuji Provia on my LC-A+. Read on to find out more and take a look at the surprising photos from this expired slide film!

Last summer, we went to Europe for the holidays. When we were in Italy, to my surprise, I realized that I forgot to take some fresh film rolls with me in a hurry. We were already in the bus to Venice. I was totally upset….but to my surprise again, I saw some expired Fuji Provia film in my tote. I was happy but still worried about how the photos will turn out (stuff like that), as it was expired.

As Venice is a beautiful city, I didn’t want to take a chance, but I gained confidence and wanted to give it a try. So I started shooting with the LC-A+ and waited for the results. Well, the final result blew me away after I cross processed it. I couldn’t believe its color and the poetic feeling all the photos had. It was amazing! The blue cast blew away the overcast day. Some pictures were really dreamy and had their own flavor. Shadow areas were more sharp and high in contrast….it was bit grainy but that’s its beauty, I say.

Fuji Provia saved my day. Visiting Venice may not happen everyday and saving its beautiful moments is not that easy too. So, to all of you, there, it’s a lovely film that will not let you down. If you come across such pieces, just grab it. Even today when I see the photos I took in Venice, I can feel the cool breeze over there… So, way to go, Fuji Provia!

Fuji Provia 100F 35mm is just the thing when you don’t want to be slapped around the face with saturation but equally don’t fancy understatement in your images. Provia is strong and saturated, but never overdone – even when cross processed. See the whole range of colour slides in our Shop.

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  1. schemerel
    schemerel ·

    amazing shots

  2. sudhashunmu
    sudhashunmu ·

    thanks for ur very first comment

  3. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    I have the same experience with this film

  4. herbert-4
    herbert-4 ·

    Wonderful article, photos!

  5. sudhashunmu
    sudhashunmu ·

    Thank you sir happy that u liked it

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