Playing With Colours: The Colours of X-pro!

Long ago, when photography had just started, people living back then only get to shoot black and white photography. People at that time might be thinking how nice would it be if they could shoot color photography. Now, most of us are already familiar with color photography. Especially in the Lomography world, colors are what lomographers are looking for. Not trying to post the same tipster article from recent posts of others, but I just feel like showing some other slide films which haven’t been shown yet.

These are the slide films which I wanted to show you guys!

1) Kodak E100VS: A film with greenish and yellowish tint which gives you a very retro feel! Good for retro lovers!

2) Agfa CT Precisa 100: Natural green which works well when you shoot it over the sky! So, I think this film is suitable for those lomographers who like to shoot at plants and other green subjects.

3) Kodak EB100: This is my favorite film when I wanna go xpro! It has natural color tone just that it has high contrast in the colours. I think this is the best film if you are looking for a natural colour tone slide film!

4) Fuji Velvia 50: Unlike the Velvia 100F which gives you a reddish tone, this film gives you natural colour with a light tint of white and green. This has been another favorite film of mine after shooting the first roll!

5) Lomography Xpro Chrome 100: To me, this is the best slide film from Lomography so far! I like the natural tone of it which is somewhat similar to Kodak EB100 just that it has its own lomography kind of colour! I would suggest lomographer to try this out if they wanna get Lomography slide film!

These are the films which I wanted to tell you guys about. But before I end this post, I would like share one more tip with you guys: Red, green, blue, and yellow colors are the best friends of XPRO!

Colour Slide Films give deep saturation and great contrast when normally processed. When cross-processed, expect a huge colour shift that will knock your socks off. See the whole range of films in our Shop.

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