Monochrome Babies

2012-06-10 3

We know that you’re all curious of Lomography’s mystery product to be unveiled next week! And since we would like to give you more clues, we have dedicated this week’s gallery post for that ever elusive Lomography product.

Aside from that, we also can’t get enough of last week’s gallery post, Sweet Innocent Smiles in Analogue that’s why we’re giving you another compilation of cuteness!

Though this time we’re dealing with the most adorable infants in black and white! We just can’t get enough of those chubby cheeks and lovely smiles!

So, have you figured what the mystery product is now? Oh well, rest your brain and look at this lovely gallery of babies instead! Enjoy!

Credits: ryszardl70, tyler_durden, fabiovnova, monamarques, automaticisthereason, vici, lieze, bluedust_05, fendyfazeli, le_ors, photogirl0725, jinglet, lemoni, hhjm, filby, katrin_libert, pistache, saulro, dylan1024, projectsnap, disdis, satomi, kokka, justjq, waupite & jannijs

Have a monochrome photo of a cutie baby in there? Come on and submit them here! We would love to see more!

Grab some hints of Lomography’s mystery product here and here. Keep on guessing!

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