Les Chemins Invisibles, A Street Performance by Cirque du Soleil


Les chemins invisible is a free street show, taking place in the Saint-Roch neighborhood in Quebec city.

The Cirque de Soleil is offering an exclusive show in Quebec City, a colorful street performance that lasts for an hour and a half. And the price for such privilege? Nothing, nada, rien. At least, it does not cost nothing to the spectator, though the city has payed some millions to do this show five days a week through the summers of 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.

This is a show thought to be seen more than once. Actually, at least four times. The idea is that there are 3 tribes that start off from 3 different points of the city. These 3 tribes will meet in a central point, where they will meet a fourth tribe. So if you want to see the whole show, you have to go four times at least , once for each tribe (luckily, it is a free show). Once the four tribes are united, there is a show with juggling, dancing, jumping… all under the bridges of the highway with some nice light effects. I personally find the show has some great moments, though sometimes it is a bit slow. And I would not like to be living nearby (remember, it is a street show in the middle of the city) as the music can be quite loud and fatiguing to be listened through all summer.

This is a night show, so if you want to shoot with your camera you will need some high speed film. Well, not if you do what I did… The photos for these location were taken with 2 films, a Kodak Elitechrome 200 and a Fuji Sensia 400. The trick, I rated the films as iso 1600 in the LC-A and when I developed them, did a push-processing (of 3 stops). The photos might come a bit grainy though they look nice!

If you want to see this show, no rush, it is going to be in the streets of Quebec for the next four summers. If you want to get information on the show you can check the webpage of the Cirque du Soleil (http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/en/events/chemins-invisibles/info.aspx) where you can find the different starting points as well as the time the show starts. Do not forget your camera, the show offers some great opportunities for photos! And remember, it is free.

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  1. mephisto19
    mephisto19 ·

    wow! that's a winner-location!

  2. eyecon
    eyecon ·

    Wow, another reason to go to canada

  3. hanspan
    hanspan ·

    omg!! wow!!!!

  4. halfawakehaiku
    halfawakehaiku ·

    wow what a nice event to shoot

  5. rater
    rater ·

    Yeh, thanks for the comments! A nice opportunity to shoot for the Race!

  6. ivoryocean
    ivoryocean ·

    Great :}

  7. xbalboax
    xbalboax ·

    great stuff! Cirque de Soleil is great

  8. stouf
    stouf ·

    Bravoooo ! Excellent shots !

  9. lazara
    lazara ·

    great article and bravo for the push processing, it worked out fantastic!

  10. sugiyamasatomi
    sugiyamasatomi ·

    must be such a great show to catch!

  11. makny
    makny ·

    now i need to go to Quebec, desperately!!!
    great push processing, it comes out perfect!.

  12. jennay_jean
    jennay_jean ·

    What a great performance! I love Cirque du Soleil. I'll definitely have to visit and catch it next summer, as I was planning a trip to Montreal soon anyways.

    I like the idea of the four tribes meeting in the city... it reminds me of the sacred river system here in Pittsburgh. A river flows from the north, a river flows from the south, and a third unseen, underground river flows under the city meeting with the rest to form the Ohio River. It was a very sacred place to the Native Americans here, and still is to those of us who pay attention to such energies.

    I thoroughly enjoyed your shots of this - they are great! Go Team!!!

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