Château Frontenac: A Fantasy Castle Over Quebec City


The most emblematic building and a popular attraction of Quebec City.

The Chateau Frontenac is a large and luxurious hotel situated in a cape over the Saint Lawrence River. Because of its architecture and its prominent position in the city, it is the major symbol of Quebec City. The Château was named in the honor of Louis de Buade, comte de Frontenac. He is a famous character of Quebec’s history, mostly because a phrase he pronounced when a british emissary asked for the rendition of Quebec: “je n’ai point de réponse à faire à votre général que par la bouche de mes canons”. In English would be something like “I will answer to your General by the mouth of my canons”. Yeah, those folks of the 17th century knew how to do a good reply! So classy.

The Château was build at the end of the 19th century. Inside everything has an air of grandeur and in the lower levels you can find some expensive souvenir shops. In front of the Château there is the promenade Dufferin, a nice place to have a walk, with views over the river and the lower city of Quebec. There you can have ice-creams in summer or take a tire of maple syrup in winter (maple syrup on the ice, over-dose of sugar). There is always some performances by street artist, I guess it is the perfect location as it is full of tourists. Also, a part of the promenade ground is open, so you can have a view of the ruins of old buildings.

So if you plan to visit Quebec you have to visit this prominent building and have a walk on the promenade Dufferin. If you have some spare money that you do not want spend on films and cameras you might even consider rest some nights in the hotel. For more information:

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    woot! first location up! conrats!

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    eyecon ·

    Supernice shots! You are lucky with the weather....!

  3. grenoouille
    grenoouille ·

    Oh damn! I thought it was about our French Château Frontenac from the Bordeaux region!... The one you can actually drink!!! God, I feel so thirsty now... but your review is cool too!!... sort of frustrating, in a sense... but cool!...

  4. jblaze823
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    Great shots, it looks like a cool place. Nice job!!!

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    that timber deck plaza is just damn nice!

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    Thanks for the comments! @grenouille: oh, I would love to do a review on that wine ;)

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