Gavin Thomas Lomo LC-A+ Amigo Update


Lomography USA’s ex-intern has been making quite a name for himself over the past year. See what our Amigo has been up to!

Gavin Thomas has been quite busy since we first had him as an amigo. We took a few minutes of his time to catch up with our once intern.

So Gavin, where has your Lomographic desires taken you over the past year and what have you been doing?
I am beginning to get super super busy. I now am an agency represented photographer here in NYC! Rap-Up named me their chief photographer and I have started shooting for a variety of other magazines. I was out in Las Vegas for a few days shooting Letoya Luckett and have been doing a bit of traveling around the Northeast always with a LC-A+ close by my side :) I also started shooting weddings so I have been promoting that and trying to book weddings for 2010!

Your photography has been gracing the covers and inside of magazines around the world, what’s your favorite Lomographic moment from those photo shoots?
I’m always fascinated by my subjects reaction when they first see me shooting them with an LCA or Holga. “What is that?” " Thats not a camera, is it?" “Whoa, film! People are still using that?” But the best part is always seeing the results for the first time. I really feel like a little kid when I get back my film from the lab. It feels like Christmas time waking up and seeing all the presents under the tree!

Who has been your favorite person to shoot and why?
I’m going to pick two. I had a lot of fun shooting with Ciara on our cover shoot. We had a great party theme in honor of Rap-Ups fourth anniversary so we had pinatas, confetti, balloons, and I even made a three layer carrot cake myself! This series of images received an honorable mention from the International Photo Awards ’09! My second favorite was shooting with Asher Roth. I had him in a full body elephant costume and even had special effects make up on his face to look as if he was in a college bar fight.

What’s next for you?
Its a process. Shoot shoot shoot for your portfolio, edit, post, promote and spread the good word, stay positive when things are slow, work your tail off, find work and work your tail off for when you have work, take a breather, and then repeat. Always pushing the bar, whether it be subject, technique, or just plain trying something new. I’m currently back in the beginning steps again with wedding photography Check it out I also have a new website redesign for in the works as well as a possible app for the iphone coming :) so stay tuned and keep shooting and experimenting!!

Take a look at what Gavin has been up to:

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