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2012-06-18 1

On a foggy day, in the Fort Ross area where the Russian River meets the mouth of the ocean, I’ve been wandering around with my husband and my analog camera. How fog influences our perspective on life? How does it effect the light?

The forest along the Californian Northern Coast is absolutely magical. Every time I walk through the woods, I feel like I’m entering into a secret and holy place, where the spirits of nature reunite and follow me, whispering things through the trees.

On a rainy and foggy day, I decided to go walk around the neighborhood with my Yashica 35mm camera. During the entire day, there was a mystical and mysterious feeling around everything. I took my first picture of the mountains where the sun was covered by a kind of dark-gray filter. Then, at the end of day, I went back outside. The light was violet and there was something magical and spooky in the air. At night, as the moon was showing up behind the trees, in the fog, I took the last shot of this mystical day.

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    When I was seven my dad took me camping and we canoed some of the Russian River. I have great memories of that area.

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