One Sunday Afternoon: Burgers Galore!


June makes for perfect patio weather – Time to set up that grill and have an impromptu barbeque! This Sunday afternoon features some of my favourite things: burgers, cheese, friends and film!

Photo taken with the La Sardina Mobius with Lomography Colour Negative 35mm 100 ASA

This Sunday afternoon began with one phone call and resulted in a spontaneous gathering at a friend’s house around some burgers, smiley-faced cups and lots of cheese! I guess we really only wanted burgers ‘cause that’s all I got photos of (I was probably too busy eating too, hah)! One of the best parts of the nice weather is that you get to spend time outdoors. Everyone needs a little vitamin D sometimes.

I always bring a Lomography camera with me everywhere (It is the first rule of the 10 Golden Rules !) and this time I brought my La Sardina Mobius with me. To be honest, I never really used the La Sardina that much, but I realized how incredibly EASY it is to take photos with this camera! Wind-Focus-Click. It’s great for quick and candid snapshots…like the photo below. I had quite a laugh once I got my photos developed and took a look at that photo. Look closely and you’ll understand why:

What are you doing this Sunday Afternoon?

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