DIY Splitzer for the Sprocket Rocket!

2012-06-11 15

Since the wonderful lomography community has yet to come up with an official Splitzer for the Sprocket Rocket, I decided to make my own version! Take a look at how I made it and what the resulting photos are like after the jump!

Ever seen those cool splitzer shots from the Diana F+ or the LC-A and wished you had your own Sprocket Rocket splitzer? I had the same feeling and so I decided to come up with my own. Check it out!

Credits: panda-man

All you need are a little bit of patience, a steady hand, and the following items:


  • A Pringles/Lays Can & its Cap
  • Some electric tape or glue
  • A useless sponge
  • A blade/scissors

Step 1:

Cut the bottom of the can to around about 1 cm in height. I had initially planned to use a Pringles can, but switched to Lay’s as I found that the can wasn’t as large. Be careful not to hurt yourself when handling the blade. Anyway, if you dont want to measure, just go ahead and cut it and you can adjust this later on. I had initially cut it at 2 cm, but didn’t seem to fit nicely, so I reduced it to 1 cm.

Step 2:

Then, mark a line down the center of the base of the can and form a semi-circle, followed by cutting this semi-circle out. This is a pretty dangerous task since you will be cutting through metal! I used my knife to make perforations in the metal first then carefully cut the rest out after. But please, be extra careful. After cutting out the semi-circle I advise pressing the metal parts down to avoid the sharp parts from sticking out, then tape over them.

Step 3:

Tape up the inside of the can, or paint it up if you’d like. I taped it because I didn’t have any paint on hand. This is to stop any light reflecting off the lens, then onto the can, then back into the lens (dont’ know if this works or does anything even, but…didn’t want to take that risk. Hehe).

Step 4:

Now, take the sponge out and cut it into thin strips (sounds like a cooking recipe…anyway…). These strips should be glued/taped to the inside of the can. This will allow the can to sit snuggly onto the lens of the Sprocket Rocket. I initially tried to glue it, but then that was just a waste of time. So, I just taped it up and worked just as nice.

Step 5:

Congratulations! you are now done with the main part! Now, for the extra splitzer action!

Take the cap off the Pringles can and do the same as per Step 2. This will make a nice little adjustable splitzer. Add some tape to the main base so this cap fits more snuggly. Now, you can put this cap over the base and can split photos in halves, quarters, thirds, or whatever you want!

VOILA! you have completed the Sprocket Rocket Splitzer! Paint up the outside of the splitzer or put stickers or whatever design you prefer, and you got something pretty cool! Enjoy!

Here are some cool shots of the splitzer in action! good luck!

Credits: panda-man

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  1. simonh82
    simonh82 ·

    Nice photos!

  2. panda-man
    panda-man ·

    lol. i just realised the photos show the potato chips getting less and less.

  3. g4rrick
    g4rrick ·

    I'm currently waiting on my Sprocket Rocket to be delivered and this is a great idea to pass the time until it gets here, also a great excuse to buy Pringles!

  4. timbolionfilm
    timbolionfilm ·

    Have searched for a useful Tipster on how to do this, and this one seems to be relatively simple :D So I guess I'll have to eat some Pringles now.

  5. panda-man
    panda-man ·

    @g4rrick - hahaha. yeah it'll keep you busy.. but maybe only for 45 mins. then back to the waiting haha. the rocket is an awesome camera. just remember to always have lots of light... ah pringles...nom, noms... hungry.

    @timbolionfilm - yeah its pretty easy, the only issue is cutting the metal base. that was a little tricky. another tricky part was choosing which flavour of chips to buy. haha. if they have a smaller can though that would be better, the pringles cans looked a little big but i guess... just use more sponge...

  6. g4rrick
    g4rrick ·

    @panda-man Yeah I have herd about how light hungry she is, being in the UK with a constant over cast sky, smog and rubbish weather I think I better just stock up on 800+, get a decent flash and cross my fingers.

    @timbolionflim Sour Cream is the clear choice!

  7. g4rrick
    g4rrick ·

    @panda-man Infact I have just realised that it was your other article where I lerned it was pretty light hungry.

  8. panda-man
    panda-man ·

    @g4rrick - yeah same as over here in beijing. i've used 400 and it seems to be alright. i've shot 800 but never got to developing it. if you get some sun, then chrome comes out really nice. i always keep the setting for cloudy weather.

  9. g4rrick
    g4rrick ·

    @panda-man I always keep every thing on the cloudy setting and at a fixed infinate focus unless supder close, I found that out the hard way with my Mini Diana, one to many failed rolls and pictures came out of that until I just dicided set it to one setting and leave it.
    When I get some 800 developed (hopefully soon)... bearing in mind im still anxiously awaiting my SProcket) I'll give you a shout and see if you like the results!

  10. panda-man
    panda-man ·

    @g4rrick - looking forward to your shots! good luck! 

  11. mensa
    mensa ·

    wow this is awesome I really wanna try it!

  12. lordlarry
    lordlarry ·

    Lays is not cheap but I think this is cheaper to do than to buy the real splitzer. LOL I might buy Lays one of this day and try this one out. cheers!

  13. panda-man
    panda-man ·

    @mensa - will probably set you back 45 mins. so if you got nothing to do, this is pretty fun to make.

    @lordlarry - well maybe they have some other sort of can which you have lying around the house or even local branded chips which have this type of can. well good luck!

  14. timbolionfilm
    timbolionfilm ·

    I got the Mini Pringles packet to save on money and space :D Classic first omnomnom and then back to work!

  15. lokified
    lokified ·

    I cannibalised my Sprocket Rocket lens cap with an Xacto knife to make my splitzer. I love the results you got!

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