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We know we missed a couple of featured tipsters from the previous weeks—our bad, our bad. So, to make up for it, we bring you three winning tipsters and tutorials that will surely inspire you and replenish your creative juices! Check them out after the jump!

Here at Lomography, we’re constantly encouraging everyone to get as artistic as possible, bound only by creativity and imagination. For this, the Tipster section has certainly been a venue for showcasing the crafty and experimental side of every lomographer. This week, we’ve put some of the most inspiring ones on spotlight and encourage everyone to try them out!

Double Exposures Using Pop9 Film Reloaded into a 35mm Camera

The title alone is intriguing, as you don’t often find people double exposing mutli-lens shots, let alone those taken using the Pop9. But in this tipster by lynxalb00, we are encouraged to see the countless possibilities of the repeating images rendered by the Pop9, like using them as textures to make double exposures even more interesting!

Make a Film-Themed Accessory for Your Favorite Outfit!

Let’s admit it—we lomographers like to make ourselves all sorts of things that serve as statements of our love for all things film. So, in this tipster, lomographer-crafter jennysparkle shares with us a cool way to make some nice film-themed accessories using Shrink Plastic. We could see a lot of possibilities for this crafting material—like bookmarks, keychains, and scrapbook stuff!

How to Archive Your Film Negatives

We know how important it is to protect those precious strips of developed negatives, so we lomographers are constantly figuring out how to store them properly (and perhaps inexpensively, even!). In this last but definitely not the least tipster, lomographer merelgroebbe shared with us a rather clever way to house those negative strips using—wait for it—a binder with clear plastic sleeves! Curious? Head over to her review to see how it’s done!

Congratulations to all three of our featured tipster authors for the past three weeks! We hope to see you guys come up with more inspiring tipsters soon!

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