It Is The World That Made You Small by Brock Davis


Multimedia artist Brock Davis’ kids sometimes won’t eat their vegetables. So instead of consuming food, he creates littler-than-life sculptures out of it! Check out his Cucumber Killer Whale (Orca?), Rice Krispyhenge, Gummy Bearskin Rug, and more mini marvels here!

Davis is a multidisciplinary artist whose work has appeared on countless publications and galleries and merited him notable awards such as the Cannes Lion. On his Tumblr, he posts photos of what would have been his or his childrens’ meals, but not in the way that you’d think.

Photos by Brock Davis

“I was supposed to cut this up for last night’s salad,” he captioned under a photo of a killer whale, carved out of a cucumber. We think it’s an adorable representation of an Orca, don’t you?

He also recreated Stonehenge using Rice Krispies and a bear skin “rug” out of a Gummy Bear! As for the Broccoli House, he made it for his son since he couldn’t make him a real one. He may not be able to climb into the tiny tree abode but it’s definitely interesting for Show & Tell in school.

His other small-scaled sculptures feature a trucker cap made out of a banana peel, a wasp listening to a marshmallow, and a circuit board within a Twinkie! Davis proves that great things can be achieved with a “little” imagination, just like the Fisheye Baby 110 Cameras! This tiny camera has tremendous features for a subcompact, such as its 170-degree lens, wide depth of field, flash connector, multiple exposure, and bulb settings!

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The Fisheye Baby 110 Cameras are fully working miniature versions of the Fisheye No. 2 designed especially to fit 110 film. It captures the world in a full circle on a rectangular picture and enables you to capture perfect Fisheye pictures. The Fisheye Baby 110 comes with a bulb mode and is able to capture multiple exposures too. Load it with Lomography Orca B&W 100 and dive into the long forgotten world of 110 photography!

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