The Last Transit of Venus This Century

2012-06-07 2

Tough luck if you missed the Transit of Venus this year as the next time the planet passes between the earth and the sun will be in the years 2117 and 2125. Take a look at the amazing photos of one of the rarest predictable celestial phenomena in a gallery from TIME.

Photos by NASA via TIME
  • The path sequence of Venus as captured by a satellite from the Solar Dynamics Observatory of NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) on June 5-6, 2012.
Photos via TIME
  • Skywatchers from the Czech Republic, Amman, and Las Vegas view the last transit of Venus this century. Occuring in pairs and spaced eight years apart, the previous transit was in June 8, 2004.
Photos via TIME
  • When silhouetted against the sun, Venus just looks like a tiny black dot. The next transitions will occur in December 10-11, 2117, and in December 2125.

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Share your lomographs of the Transit of Venus if you took some!

Sourced from TIME.

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