My Journey with Film So Far, as a Young Girl

2012-07-05 8

Being a young girl growing up in a world of technology, you would expect me to be like most teenagers, wanting high-tech things over old styles, wanting a text message over a handwritten letter, wanting a DSLR rather than a film camera but contrary to stereotypes, I’ve always been a film lover!

Hi I’m Joy, and ever since I was little I already loved film cameras, I first wanted a Polaroid camera because I’ve always seen Mr.Bean using his, and I wanted one so badly! I think I was just 7 when that started. I first heard about “Lomography” last year through my older sister. When I first researched about the camera she wanted, I’ll be honest, I didn’t really like it, because I really wanted an Instax! But as time went by, I got interested in it a bit more everyday, until I knew that I fell love with it! (Hey, who could resist?)

I loved the concept of the Diana Mini, and as a newbie, I figured I would start out with something small first. I wanted It for months! Then a month before I graduated middle school, my parents bought me a Diana Mini “Love is in the Air” edition! It was the one I wanted! Luckily, it was also the last piece in the store! I feel so blessed to have received it! I love my “Little Princess”. It takes 35mm film which is not hard to find, it is so cute and small, that I can bring it anywhere! The camera, for me, is very easy to use! I was filled with joy just by merely touching it! My parents expected the pictures to come out great at first try, but I admit, my first roll of film was absolutely TERRIBLE! My dad got a little disappointed, but I never got to explain to him that film takes time, it’s trial and error. :)

In my second roll, I took pictures of my little sister during her preschool graduation. My second roll came out a bit better, but some are still too dark. (The pictures are down below!)

Credits: foreverjoyful

Not as good as the ones I see in this website every single day, but I’m proud of myself! I can never perfect them because these photos were not meant to be perfect. :) That’s what I love about Lomography, you don’t have to be so accurate, like one of the Golden Rules says, “Don’t think!” I love the fact that you can shoot whatever you want and even though it doesn’t makes sense at first, it’s the camera that gives the photo life! and it will soon make more sense!

I love my Diana Mini, I know that someday, I’ll be a great film photographer, I’m claiming it! But for now, my journey has just begun, I know I’m only 12, but being young does not stop my love for film photography. Here in the Philippines there are only a few people who are into this stuff, that’s why sometimes it feels awkward carrying a camera that looks like a toy, but I learned to not mind them and just enjoy myself. Some of my friends tell me “It’s the 21st century, why are you still using film?” I honestly don’t care about what they think, because for me, there’s that feeling you get in film that you can never possibly get with digital, there’s art in film, you value the photos more instead of just uploading it to your Facebook account. With film, you get excited after shooting a roll, not knowing what’s going to end up inside, each photo being a total surprise! It’s romantic to me, each photo has effort, each tells a different story. For me, a photo taken by a film camera is more than just a photo, it’s art. I absolutely love film, I wish it would still be alive when I graduate from college. I’m really grateful that Lomography is keeping the dream of analogue photography alive, and making it a reality.

Until next time, Joy.

The Diana Mini Love is in the Air is a special Valentines edition of the Diana Mini. Prepare to be swept off your feet, because this camera can shoot dreamy half-frames and squares—all in 35mm film! Fall in love with the Diana Mini Love is in the Air here.

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  1. tomkiddo
    tomkiddo ·

    hi Joy! welcome to Lomography :)

  2. tomkiddo
    tomkiddo ·

    by the way, always remember that when you're shooting with your Diana, make sure you're shooting under the sun.. the sun and your diana are bestfriends and without the sun, your shots will turn out underexposed. so when shooting indoor or at night, set to bulb mode or use a flash! load one more roll into your diana and shoot on a sunny day, you'll get the best results! :) good luck!

  3. icuresick
    icuresick ·

    Marami tayo dito :)

  4. shind
    shind ·

    Hello Joy, much older peeps has also struggle with Diana Mini but I hope you will continue to 'be in a relationship' with her. Because once you got the result, you will literally be amazed by the wonders a Diana Mini can do. =)

  5. reminator
    reminator ·

    hey there Joy, don't ever even start to worry about what other pople say. A photo made on film has a warm glowy feeling to it, like sunlight should be. That is something a digital sensor chip just can't see or imitate! Also an important thing for me is that I want to be that cool ol' grandpa with the closet full of photo albums with pictures from the good old days!

  6. walasiteodito
    walasiteodito ·

    hello joy! enjoy sa pagshoot! :)

  7. foreverjoyful
    foreverjoyful ·

    Thanks so much guys! Salamat! :))

  8. lycaos
    lycaos ·

    Hi, I just got my first camera yesterday and read blogs and all, and I came across yours! I'm glad I'm not alone in my interest in lomography. I haven't actually started using it, for some reason. Perhaps starting tomorrow or the day after. Anyway, you aren't alone. I'm a Filipino kid, too, just a few years older than you. :) Enjoy photography and I hope we can be friends!

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