Playing with Color: Make the Most Out of Your Color Films!

2012-06-07 4

Whether you love shooting and experimenting with color negatives or slide films, you must always take advantage of the hues you can get from each roll of film. We’re all about colorplay this month, so I’m sharing with everyone how I make the most out of my color films!

Every film has its own strength and character which every lomographer should work with and not against. With color negative films, the keyword of course is COLOR! How do you put those hues and shades to good use? Let me help you with a few tips on how you can play with color.

Credits: plasticpopsicle

Play with silhouettes.

I know I have raved about silhouettes before, but I have to say it again—silhouettes are awesome, especially when shooting with slide films! Use this technique of playing with darkness and light to bring out the prominent shades of your favorite slide films when cross processed. You’re sure to get stunning lomographs that are oozing with vibrant hues!

Credits: plasticpopsicle

Let the colors set the right mood.

We all know how photos are powerful not only for conveying thoughts and ideas, but also for drawing emotions out of every viewer. To do this, your photos need to set the “feel” and “mood” right. Black and white films effortlessly add touches of nostalgia and a retro feel with every shot, but it’s also possible to do it with color negative film. Use redscale films set two or three stops overexposed when shooting aged buildings and landmarks, and turn to color negative films that complement earthy hues when shooting nature. Cityscapes with bright and colorful lights also look best when shot in color, so save those high ISO color films for snapping your favorite cities at night.

Credits: plasticpopsicle

Make mouths water.

Are you interested in food photography? Then, your goal is to make people’s mouths water and crave for delicious dishes with your photos. Your photos need not only sharpness and clarity, but also the right colors to render food appetizingly. Therefore, it’s best to work with color negatives of the appropriate speed for the job.

Credits: plasticpopsicle

Paint your surroundings with interesting hues.

They say “paint the town red” but I say paint it with virtually every vivid shade out there! With slide films, you’re free to make every corner of the globe your own—make your skies pink, your clouds yellow, your buildings red, your sunsets magenta, and your beaches purple! The possibilities are endless!

I hope you find these simple tips helpful and easy to remember! Thanks for reading, and do share your own tips on colorplay with a comment below!

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