Good Things in Small Packages: Musical Instruments


Big is not always better, that’s something you might have already learned in your life… So with our new born tiny cameras we had a look around and found some other amazing stuff that is small and beautiful. Have a look at those instruments!

Isn’t that tiny tuning fork just amazing? It is clamped in steel pliers therefore a magnetic pickup can record the sound from it.

Photo from Moonmilk

Well this record player might not be really small but it sure is handy! It is made out of a sleeve for a record which is put into the right formation and a needle. It actually forms the sound when you spin it. Well that sure is something I’ll try out!

Photo via We are lovely creative

Yan Fuxing made this 1,5 cm long flute out of a chicken bone!

Photo via Whats on Sanya

Listen to this small Grand Piano! It is 25 cm wide and 18 cm high, making it perfect for a really small concert

Say hello to Taylor Jesse who build this small Drumset. He built the drumset on his own and tried a lot to get a good sound out of it in the end!

Photo via blog.makezine

It does not look like one but this is a Saxophone! It is smallest “piccolo” saxophone, measuring only 30cm in height.

Photo via Trombone Forum

This violin is fully functional and was build in 1973 by Eric Meissner. It is around 4, 1 cm long. Maybe it will never be fully played, but it sure is a piece of art!

Photo via Cam Laughter

The “Little Lady” measures around 5 cm and is one of the smallest Harmonicas you can play on.

Photo via Cam Laughter

This Ukulele is around 14 cm big (or small?!) and can be fully played and tuned – you just need to have the right hands for it….

Photo via j-walkblog

Ok, ok, the last one is not really an insturment nor is it working, but still this miniatures made out of paper from Dan McPharlin are stunning!

Photo via Randommization

So now I am really wondering how all this instruments would sound brought together in a big orchestra!

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