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2012-06-08 2

One thing I love about analogue photography is how you can use different kinds of film to paint the world in different colors.

Credits: kylethefrench

Don’t you love how different films give you different colors? Color negative can give you crisp and clear natural colors, redscale will give you fiery orange or sepia. I’ve seen purple hazes and delicate pastels in long expired film. And of course, cross processing can result in about every color of the rainbow. One of my favourite ways of exploring this richness in color is by comparing pictures of the same subject, made with different film.

Take for instance these pictures of the Taj Mahal. A beautiful building in itself, film can turn it into every color of the rainbow.

pictures by adi_totp, flyaway, maximum_b, koni, sunsunny, stuckintraffic

And it doesn’t have to be a beautiful building or object either. Even the boring old office block you look upon every day can become a colorful landmark.

Credits: stratski

But forget about buildings. Everyone knows the sky is blue, right? Wrong! The sky can be every color you want, from delicate pink to threatening green or apocalyptic red. Sure, and blue.

pictures by crismiranda, grazie, myloveletter, bimahadik, mylatehope, upic, vicuna, janette, hervinsyah, cyanwater

So the grass is also not green? You guessed right…

pictures by upic, isilyellowcopets, scorpie, bloomchen, tomk32, anarchy, patrix, stratski

So forget about how things are in real life, grab some different films, and color the world!

written by stratski on 2012-06-08 #lifestyle #color-inspiration-rainbow-film-requested


  1. nuhdos
    nuhdos ·

    Great point of view!

  2. hervinsyah
    hervinsyah ·

    @stratski : Recently read this, thanks for using one of my photo =D

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