Capturing Those Resting in Peace in Analogue

2012-06-11 1

I decided to visit those ‘resting in peace’ with my analogue camera. With the silent atmosphere and almost abandoned cemetery in Singapore, I’ve always planned on going for an analogue day here.

I came here in the morning and the weather was so scorching hot but I wanted to shoot some dramatic photographs using infrared film. So I used the Efke Infrared IR820 Aura 35mm. My bad, I didn’t use any filter for this shoot, and this was the mistake that I learn to hard way. To use infrared film, we need to have a good setting of exposures and infrared filters to come out with an incredible infrared image.

Here are some of my wrongly made infrared shooting. Somehow these black-and-white photographs show old and antique feelings to it. After awhile, I really liked the texture given by black and white. The grainy effect really works with the abandoned and ruptured concept.

Credits: stonerfairy

Some tombstones are still intact and some almost look like debris. There are even trees growing out of some of the tombstones. I brought two more cameras with me, the LC-A+ and the La Sardinia because I was wondering how this place would turn out in analogue mono colour.

Credits: stonerfairy

Shooting with the Canon EOS range captured more of the offerings and old tombstones, which dates back to the 1860s. Some old designs of tombstones are not even used in this century anymore. The fonts carved on the tombstones were from an old Chinese character fonts too. It might be an abandoned place, but I feel that I just went to travel back in time to AD1800.

Credits: stonerfairy

Here is a brief about the Bukit Brown Abandoned Cemetery:
Estimated to house 100,000 tombs in a vast land size of about 0.86 square kilometers, Bukit Brown Cemetery has been abandoned and was closed in 1973. Bukit Brown was named after a British trader who arrived in Singapore in the 1840s and built his business here as well as a road called Bukit Brown Road in 1923 which is no longer in operation.

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  1. bunnyears
    bunnyears ·

    I really like the BW pictures, I'm sure they would have looked even more beautiful using the red filter, but they already are! And the colors in the second batch are wonderful too!

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