Workshop Highlights: Light Painting with the Diana F+


Light is the most important element of photography. Here at the Lomography Gallery Store NYC Greenwich Village we taught a group of Lomographers how to use light as a tool to create unique images. After a lesson on how to use the Diana F+ to make make long exposures into masterpieces, we hit streets of New York City for some night time shooting.

What: Light Painting with the Diana F+
When: Wednesday, May 30th
Where: Lomography Gallery Store NYC Greenwich Village
Camera, Film, or Accessory and Technique or Tipster: Diana F+

Photography comes from the Greek words phos (“light”), and graphis (“stylus”, “paintbrush”) or graphí, together they mean “drawing with light". So it’s only natural when people started using a technique that would become known as “Light Painting” as early as 1889.

Our wonderful Lomographers learned several techniques for Light Painting, all using long exposures on the versatile Diana F+. The most famous Light Painting photographs have come from Gjon Mili. His collaboration with Picasso is a perfect example of one of the techniques that was utilized on Wednesday. Gjon Mili would use a flash to freeze Picasso in place with a single flash, and then Picasso would use a little light to paint in the air.

If you illuminate your subject multiple times, it will look as if you took a multiple exposure. This is especially helpful on cameras that don’t have a multiple exposure option and you want all of your pictures to fit nicely on the same negative.

Whatever technique we used, we just had fun! It’s one of the Golden Rules and there’s a reason for that. Washington Square Park presented itself as our perfect photo studio.

Lomography Gallery stores around the world are more than happy to receive inquisitive Lomographers and spread history, passion, and obsession.

Swing by and see how the best part about our Community is the Community.

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