My Fisheye Baby 110 and Me: Corrina & Huesitos

2012-06-16 2

Meet Corrina and Huesitos and find out how they both get along just fine with the Fisheye Baby 110. Check out their adventures, and learn a little Spanish while you are at it!

Hey Corrina!

Who’s that standing by your side?

That’s my dog Huesitos (which means small bones in Spanish).

Does he like posing in front of your Fisheye Baby 110? Cause I noticed he’s really photogenic.

Well, I think he likes it. But like every other supermodel he has some attitude. His goal is to become the most Lomographic dog in the world.

I see! How old is Huesitos then?

Before he became a supermodel he was living on the streets in Alicante, so I can only estimate. He might be around 6 years old.

Which of the two Fisheye Baby 110s does he prefer?

The metal version! You can use a flash which is very important for divas.

What’s his character like?

He is a true diva. He can be the sweetest dog to people he loves but as soon as he dislikes somebody he becomes really mean. As his owner I am his big love and he would defend me to death if necessary and he loves to play the clown for me if I am sad. He is also very sensitive towards human emotions which makes it impossible for me to hide anything from him. At night he loves to cuddle underneath a blanket and in the morning he gets all excited because his favorite moment of the day is coming up: lunch time!

Ah, what’s his favourite food then?

Dried duck’s breast and juicy chicken

Don’t tell him I asked you this but has he tried to eat your Fisheye Baby 110?

No, he knows that my cameras are taboo to him. No cameras – no diva pictures.

Does he like fetching or digging or does he play lazy all day long?

He loves to go for walks and chasing after his arch enemies, squirrels. He is afraid of sticks, so he doesn’t like fetching at all. In between our walks I take him to work and this is where he gets really lazy sleeping in his cosy bed besides my desk all day long until we leave for the next walk.

Have you ever been on holiday together? Where to?

Yes, we went on day trips to Neusiedler See in Austria. Although Huesitos is afraid of water, he was very brave and got onto a small boat with me. He totally enjoys boat trips as long as the water is calm and he sees some ducks around.

What’s the most memorable situation you and Huesitos had were you wished you had your Fisheye Baby 110 with you to record the moment?

It was the day when I got him from the animal shelter. I had to go on quite a long road trip to get there and when I saw him for the very first time, I knew that we were meant for each other. He must have felt the same because he instantly jumped into my car which left the owner of the animal shelter quite upset but also happy because Huesitos found a new home. I would love to have a picture of Huesitos’ look when he jumped into my car, ready to enter a new pleasant life.

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