Exploring Abondoned Spaces: Teufelsberg Berlin


The Teufelsberg (Devil’s Mountain in english) is the highest hill – you won’t really call it a mountain – around Berlin. It was erected after World War II and is made out of hard dirt and leftovers from the war. During the Cold War the Americans built a monitoring station up there. The building, with it’s five rotten but still impressive radar-towers, is still up there and ready to be explored.

Whoever has been to Berlin knows that one specialty of the city is the huge amount of free and abondoned spaces which are often used for independend art projects, club experiments, or just built as green wild spots around the city. In the last few years Teufelsberg which is located in the heart of Grunewald and a bit outside of Berlin, went from an insider tip to a common sight for adventurous citizens and tourists.
Although you won’t wander around up there alone, it still is safe from the masses of tourism and surely worth to go there – just make sure you are careful and always mind your step!

For me, not only the architecture of the building was impressive, but also the thought that I’m wandering on top of 25 millions cubic meters (!) of debris. The buildings themselves are quite worn out, there are a lot of walls missing and Berlin’s creatives left their marks. Because I have some fear of ladders, I only explored the main building with the highest tower. I have to admit I haven’t gone on that kind of adventure for quite some time – it really reminded me of my childhood, when discovering new places and straying around the neighborhood was a daily routine. When you get on the last floor, you’ll be rewarded with an impressive view and the cupolas with the blowing linens just look like a piece of art. Make sure you also enter the top cupola, the sound in there is just impressive and an experience itself. Sing something or just hum – you will know what I’m talking about when you are up there!

The best way to get to the Teufelsberg is by S-Bahn. Just walk from the station Heerstraße through the Grunewald. You will see the towers quite early when you go down the Teufelsseechaussee. After around 2,5 kilometers you turn right, up the hill and get to the main entrance. People told me it’s sometimes open, if not you may climb over or find a hole in the fence. As I mentioned before just make sure you are careful, even if there are a lot of people up there, it is still is a rotten building and there can be a lot of tripping hazards….Berlin also offers a guided tour on the weekends – it’s up to you if you want to join one of those!

So tell me, when did you wander on abandoned or unknown ways the last time?

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  1. kneehigh85
    kneehigh85 ·

    Gosh I love abandoned buildings. Am hoping to make it back to Berlin next year so will definitely check this out!

  2. cavva
    cavva ·

    I just upload my photos, but i lost 5 films........ AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. cavva
    cavva ·

    I' a stupid...
    the films have not yet been developed...
    Stupid boy!!!!!!!
    Ah Ah Ah

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