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2012-06-05 1

We want your photos of the Transit of Venus, happening June 5/June 6 all across the world! Let’s snap, get the world mobilized to take photos of a rare event that won’t repeat for another century! What say you? Do you want to be in the first ever Lomography Astronomy Club?

Credits: mapix

Get out there, with your eyes/viewfinders protected and take the most amazing photos in your lifetime – as the next transit of the second planet falls over a century from now! Who knows, we could still be around. But let’s not take any chances and capture some memories tonight.

Credits: scorpie

How luminous even a planetarium is. Just imagine the real-life and all its possibilities.

Are you already part of an astronomy club? We’d love to hear from you! Why not even nominate yourself as our President and organize outings and stargazing nights?

Get creative Lomographers! We’d love to see photos taken with:
Diana F+ , Lubitel 166+, Hole-On-Ex Paper Pinhole Camera, Lomo LC-Wide, Fisheye No. 2

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  1. mapix
    mapix ·

    great idea!

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