Shipping & Duty : Shopping Online For India


We know you have a lot of questions about shopping, shipping and duty for cameras bought from Lomography’s online shop for India. Here is a detailed article to answer all your questions!

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Shop Questions :

Where is the Online Shop based?
Lomography does not have direct retail presence in India. We retail through partner stores and are rapidly expanding our network. But you can also order directly from the Online Shop operated by Lomography HK.

Why are all prices of cameras in US Dollars($)?
USD prices are indicative and the store is based in HK. But we are working with Lomography HK to change the USD to INR (indicative)

What is the conversion value for the Dollar Vs INR when I’m being billed?
Lomography doesn’t decide the rate at which the currency is exchanged. The exchange rate for the transaction is decided by the Credit Card company which you use when ordering online.

Why am I charged money in HKD (Hong Kong Dollars)?
As the payment gateway is International, hence the charges are according to the payment system there. The HKD value is converted into INR when charged from your card.

Can I not use a Debit Card to order cameras?
Unfortunately no, that provision is not available for online shopping yet. The reason being that the online shop is based in Hongkong and hence the transaction is international.

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Shipping Questions :

What agency will ship my order?
Lomography uses DHL to ship all orders. DHL will make sure that your order reaches you on time, without any issues from Customs OR other parties.

How long will the order take to reach me?
Once the shipment is out, it usually takes 4 to 5 days for the package to reach your doorstep. In case there is a delay, Lomography will help you track it.

Is there no normal shipping available instead of DHL?
We have noticed that smaller shipping agencies can cause delays in shipping, lose packages or just get stuck at customs. DHL & Lomography will make sure that your order reaches you safely and on time, everytime. Hence we avoid any other sorts of shipping.

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Using Piggies :

What are piggies?
Piggies are Lomography’s loyalty points or credits which you get every time you participate in certain activities on our website, like contests, by writing articles, contribute to Lomography or just refer a friend.

How can I use them to offset my order costs?
Piggies can be used to offset costs when you order anything from Lomography’s Online Shop. One Piggy is equal to one USD and can be used when you place your order. This way you can get a discount on whatever you order!

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Duty Questions :

How does one pay duty on customs?
Duty is paid to customs by DHL and then in turn DHL is to be paid by the consignee. So when DHL comes home with your order, they will also bring a duty invoice generated at the customs office. It can be paid on delivery.

How much duty will I be charged on my order?
Indian Customs charges about 30% duty on all photographic equipment imported into India.

Basic Duty : 10%
CVD Additional Duty : 10%
Central Excise Edu Cess : 3%
Customs Edu Cess : 3%
Special CVD – Special Duty : 4%
Total Duty : 10 + 10 + 3 + 3 + 4 = 30%

You can find more information about the same on Duty Calculator

In case I’m charged more than the values stated, what should I do?
Duty is charged by Indian Customs as per the value appraised by them. Lomography India can not influence the rate duty charged. In case buyer feels there has been a issue, they should take it up immediately with shipping company who will help them file a refund claim.

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