The Avenue of Stars (Hongkong)


To pay tribute to outstanding professionals of Hong Kong’s film industry, to promote tourism industry, and to consolidate Hong Kong’s position as Asia’s World City, the Avenue of Stars which is located at the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade was constructed in April 2004. (website)

As we have visited Hong Kong, we toured the place on our own and the Avenue of Stars was among our itinerary. The place is very accessible thanks to MTR of course. We just had to exit Tsim Sha Tsui station then we passed thru a shopping mall that lead us to this tourist spot. From here you can see Hong Kong City, where every 9pm Symphony of lights were being shown that are participated by top companies of the place.

Avenue of Stars is similar to the Walk of Fame in Hollywood but instead of shiny stars on the floor, a hardened cement with hand imprints of Chinese and Hong Kong’s pride in the movie industry. Among the crowd favorites were Jackie Chan, Jet Li and of course the famous martial artist, Bruce Lee. There were a lot of food choices as restaurants and pushcarts nearby. Makes it very convenient to everyone after strolling the main attraction.

Its a must to go here so one can truly appreciate the contribution of Hong Kong community to the Movie World.

Check this site for more details:,_Hong_Kong

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Cool statue !

  2. in_search_of_answers
    in_search_of_answers ·

    bruce is so realistic, like making a battle right now..

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