Urban Adventures in Little India

2012-06-18 1

Little India is located at the Northeastern part of Singapore. As the name suggests, it is named after the Indian immigrants who settled in the area during the early years of Singapore. Now, Little India has developed into a place with lots of Tamil cultural elements. I had the chance to step into the land of Little India and began my night of Lomography adventures.

I came upon a row of shophouses and spotted an old Indian uncle working on the sewing machine. It was such an eye-opener for me as I had never seen how sewing was done. I proceeded to take out my LC-A+ and gave him a snap so that I could remember it vividly as I browsed through the photographs I had took.

An old Indian uncle working on the sewing machine.

I came across the back alley of the shop houses and there was light coming out from beneath. From underneath, I could spot movements inside, legs moving around, and chefs preparing food for the awaiting diners.

Photo taken underneath the back of the kitchen, at the back alley.

Again, I spotted a girl taking out a bottle to drink. With the subject against the light, it sparked an opportunity for me to snap a silhouette of it.

Subject taken against the light, creating a silhouette.

I came out of the back alley into the brightly-lighted areas. There, diners were happily munching on their food, chatting with their co-workers who returned back from long hours of work.

Picture taken in front of the restaurant.
Picture taken in front of the restaurant.
Picture taken in front of the restaurant.

Lastly, I stopped at one area and something caught my attention. There are people playing carrom games. It seemed that there was a tense competition going on. I could see the sweat flowing profusely from the players’ faces as they – each and everyone of them, though hard on their strategies and moves subsequently.

Players playing carrom games.
Players playing carrom games.

I hope this was an eye-opener for Lomographers to explore Little India especially during the night.

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