This is How the Lomography Flash Mob Went Down

2012-06-06 8

It’s already here! The First Great LomoFlashmob! On Sunday, April 22 we surprised everyone by dancing to the purest of Bollywood styles in the center of Madrid. Everything was properly documented, so keep reading and enjoy the catchy lomographic ASHA ASHA.

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012. Fuencarral Street, Madrid. 18:00 hrs. People are walking normally, when all of a sudden…:

More than 50 people dancing to one single rhythm! Lomographers, non-lomographers, professional dancers, amateurs, older people, kids, and pets, everybody together for the first LomoFlashmob shaking their hips to the rhythm of the “asha asha”!

It was incredible!! Thanks a lot to everyone!. Thanks to all the wonderful lomo-dancers, you’re the bomb! Thanks to our choreographers isabel_mebarak, barakalofi and Deyanira. Everyone in charge of documenting the event. And everyone in the crowd and their applauses, of course!

Here are some photos in action!:

Credits: lomographyargensola

There are more photos of the flashmob! You can see them here.

And remember to always be checking up on every event from Lomography Spain, because there will always be things happening here that you cannot miss!

¡Asha asha asha!

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translated by reneg88


  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    almost crying! I love flash mobs so much , wish I could witness or partecipate once! if you like take a look at this incredible flash mob in the Vienna train station!

  2. sweetyyydreams
    sweetyyydreams ·

    Awesome! Well done guys!

  3. catarella
    catarella ·

    cool!!! :D

  4. nattykins
    nattykins ·

    Brilliant!!! :D

  5. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    omg, this is so amazing! i always wanted to do this!!!! XD

  6. superkulisap
    superkulisap ·

    @superlighter people there were like, "whoa, what's happening, is it the end of the world?"
    very nice vid!
    great work @isabel_mebarak and @barakalofi ! didn't know you ladies are good dancers too! :)

  7. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    :D. <3 <3 <3

  8. isabel_mebarak
    isabel_mebarak ·

    @superkulisap Thankssssssssssss :D :D :D

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