Majesty, the Transit of Venus is Here

2012-06-05 3

Venus, the second planet, makes its way across the night sky, from west-to-east, tonight. It’ll dart across the sun for approximately 7 hours, appearing to world viewers as a black dot. This is the best out-door concert you’ll partake in this year, guaranteed! Plug yourself in, and listen to the violins sing while Venus glides.

Compiling images has never been so light a task. These magical images of the Transit of Venus (most taken from its last occurrence in 2004) are so awe rendering that I keep checking the clock and turning to peek out the window so that I don’t miss this year’s Transit of Venus as the next is predicted to occur in 2117. So won’t you join me in listening to some mellow music while checking out the golden planet in transit?

Images via nationalgeographic

When will it start? – Tuesday, June 6 @ 6pm EST (see here for worldwide)
How long is it? – 6 hours and 40 minutes
What will I see? -

What you’ll see.

Is it dangerous to the naked eye? – Yes, quite. See here for safety tips when viewing. And, let Lomographer’s show you how it’s done:

Credits: mapix

Tips for Photographers
Shoot the Stars with Diana+ – hey, what’s neater than a Diana F+ Glow in the Dark for the occasion?
Long Exposure Photography & An Extended Retail Therapy
A Guide to Night Photography

Venus is smiling!

Image via nationalgeographic

The Diana F+ Glow in the Dark captures the same dreamy, lo-fi, medium format images as the original Diana F+. Born to shine, just warm her up under strong lights and watch her glow! See her with the rest of the Diana Clones here!

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    great article

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    I don't understand much about this things but looking at the map I'm guessing it will not be visible in Portugal!! :( This is definitely not our year...

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