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This week’s featured Analogue Lifestyle article is “Fact or Fiction: Digital is Cheaper than Film.” While this is a highly debatable topic, community member bsmart from London raises a few interesting points and shares some interesting photos! Agree or disagree?

Credits: bsmart

“When I tell people I still shoot film they often ask ‘Isn’t that expensive?’ They assume that digital is cheaper because there is no subsequent cost of buying and developing film. But what people forget is the depreciation in the cost of their digital photographic equipment and the sheer quality of film. I bought several digital cameras in the early 2000s that are totally obsolete now. I couldn’t even sell them on eBay.”

Read more from Fact or Fiction: Digital is Cheaper than Film by bsmart.

We picked this article because it tackles one of the basic conundrums Lomographers face: the financial aspect of our lovely hobby. Bsmart crunched some numbers related to cost and quality, juxtaposing analogue and digital, to illustrate which is cheaper. Of course, photographers have different opinions about this subject. We like the healthy discussion that’s going on and encourage you to put in your two cents! So is film cheaper than digital in your experience?

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