Lights, Lomography Cameras & Supermodels!


If you watch reality TV shows like Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model, you will be intrigued by all the happenings behind the glamorous fashion catwalk. Back to reality – when handed the opportunity to go behind the scenes of Audi Fashion Festival in Singapore, I could not resist and immediately jumped into it with my favourite Lomography cameras!

As part of the Lomography and Catalog collaboration for Audi Fashion Week in Singapore, I went along for the glamorous ride into the fashion tents as unofficial Lomography photographer!

I met up with Catalog magazine writer Natasha to cover the backstage thrills and spills. It was 4 hours before the main show, I was really excited but also nervous that I might screw up by getting in the way of the backstage crew and the supermodels.

Credits: lawypop

Fortunately, I warmed up and quickly got into my Lomography action mode!

And here are some nice people I met backstage. No cat fights so far. Phew!

I took these with the Diana F+ and Diana Instant Back.

Panaromic backstage view with the Horizon Perfekt!

Credits: lawypop

Pre-show Event

At the star-studded event with local designers and celebrities, my Diana F+ was hungry for some analogue action. With the help of Natasha, we spotted a few fashion trendsetters.

Credits: lawypop

Lomography cameras were the trendiest fashion accessories!

Credits: lawypop

And I even spotted a friendly local celebrity!

Credits: lawypop

Main Fashion Show

Finally, the main event and real fashion show began!

Credits: lawypop

I was assigned to the Photographer’s Pit along with the professionals with the digital big guns. I felt out of place at first but as the show started, everyone started firing away and I got into my analogue groove.

Credits: lawypop

The Zac Posen Show was amazing!

Credits: lawypop

Here are some useful tips if you ever find yourself lucky enough to be at such an event:
1) Equip yourself with high ISO films and a powerful flash like Diana Flash or Fritz the Blitz Flash. Bring extra batteries too.
2) Smile and ask for permission where possible to shoot.
3) Try not to get in the way of the people working in backstage.
4) Obey the ground rules like not taking pictures of the changing area or close-ups of the designer clothes.
5) Prior to the fashion show, try to get there early to get a spot in the photographer’s pit. (Yes, there is such a place for us, Lomographers included haha!)

And this is it! My awesome day as a Fashion Event Lomographer!

Credits: lawypop

Check out my pictures featured on the official collaboration site.

Lastly, I just want to say a big “Thank You!” to Lomography Singapore and Catalog for making this happen!

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