Go Vertical with Your LC-A+!

2012-06-11 4

I know that you want your photos to stand out from the crowd. Here is an easy solution: turn your camera!

Take a look at most photo gallery websites, (including this one) and if the film format isn’t square, a high percentage of the images will be horizontal. This is great if you are photographing a skyline or a long, winding beach. But sometimes, you can create something different by simply turning your camera and shooting vertically.

This was my favorite tip when I was first starting out so I wanted to share it. It’s easy as can be, with no special equipment necessary. You just need a willingness to try a new viewpoint. Pair this up with shooting from a bird’s eye view or shooting while laying on the ground for a really great perspective.

Go try this and have fun!

The Lomo LC-A+ is known worldwide for its amazing features: automatic exposure, extended ISO range, and multiple and long exposure capabilities. Get your own Lomo LC-A+ now!

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  1. minchi
    minchi ·

    It's pretty obvious. Even with the phone if you want to take pictures vertically turn the phone :)

  2. tagliatele_la_testa
    tagliatele_la_testa ·

    You have courage to write an article about nothing...

  3. lucyblue
    lucyblue ·

    It's funny how many people never think to turn their cameras. Just a helpful reminder.

  4. dragontw
    dragontw ·

    What!!! You mean I can turn my camera! Well I never....*Eye Roll*
    Must be a slow day at the Lomography Magazine Dept.

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