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There seems to be an ongoing pattern when it comes to the type of Locations Features that catches our community members’ interest, aside from the incredibly unique locations, there are also those locations articles that showcase seemingly everyday/ordinary places in a new light, and this week’s Locations Feature of the Week is no exception.

Photo by dearjme

With practically one article lined up for each day of the week, one of Locations’ most avid contributors, dearjme has been enthusiastically taking photos and writing stories about the different places in Hawaii, where she happily resides.

From picturesque beaches, a Disney resort…to different Starbucks branches, dearjme has been our (un)official guide to Hawaii through her many, many, MANY photographs and seemingly endless stories about each place she has been to.

Photo by dearjme

For this locations feature, dearjme has chosen to put together pictures of her friends during their many Starbucks trips all over Oahu, Hawaii; because just like most young people these days, she enjoys hanging out in cafes to catch up with her friends and to make study sessions more fun. She shares, “My friends and I are in college, so we spend many hours studying after class or between work hours. The best locations are cafes, hands down – plenty of tables and chairs, caffeine, and jazzy music – a great equation for good studying. Starbucks is no exception.”

Photo by dearjme

She then proceeds to talk about the different Starbucks branches in Hawaii that she and her friends hang out in around like Waimalu, Hawaii Kai, Waipio, and Kapahulu.

Interested to read more about her Starbucks stories? Read her full article here

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