Basking at the Beach: Swimming in the Alpine Lakes


The Alpine lakes are wonderful places to having fun, to swim and dive! In this article I propose to you some black and white photos taken with my old Fed 2 camera during my bicycle touring in Switzerland. Enjoy!

Some time ago, I showed everyone a series of photos taken mostly in Zurich, showing some boys having fun with dips into the water of the river Limmat. These photos were taken with a color film, to exalt the joy of having fun with friends in a wonderful summer. This time, I show to you other moments of joy, with some black and white images, taken in small villages or beaches of tiny lakes of Switzerland. Take a look!

Near Gersau

Big city or small village, colors or black and white, is not so important. The most important message is that I love to swim in these lakes, playing and knowing new friends during my summer adventures!

Credits: sirio174

I love these platforms, it is a great pleasure to stay together in a small space, a great occasion to know other people, a great opportunity to play together, to dip together, to smile together!

On the Walensee

And I love this natural beach, on the Walensee lake!

Here is Buochs, near Luzern, a great place to chat together….

… and to take a dip! Enjoy some big splashes!

This is the beach of Buochs. As you can see, black and white images are timeless! This photo was taken only two years ago, but is very similar to others photo taken in the ‘70 that I’ve seen in a local shop some years ago!

Here a small lake, the Sihlsee near Einsiedeln. Great place to swim, to take a boat trip, to take a sunbath!

All these photos were taken with a Fed 2 camera with a collapsible Industar 22 lens and an Ilford FP4+ film developed in Rodinal R09 (at 1+25). I love the grain of this developer that make the photos “timeless!”

I’m waiting for you for us to swim together, dear lomo-friend!


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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    This is a great set. You make me wish I was there on this hot early summer day taking a swim!

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