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2012-06-15 1

Where is my preferred park to relax, when I need to escape from the traffic of my city, Como? Simple: it is in a bigger city, Milano! Here you can see the wonderful Parco Sempione near the Lomography Gallery Store Milan!

Friday, May 25. This day is a great day, this is…my birthday! A whole day dedicated to relax, meet new friends, share hugs and kiss! Yes…because every birthday, I love to meet new friends, and this became my best birthday present! So, in the early afternoon, I went to the main train station in Como, directed to Milano. The train was on a slight delay, so while I was waiting I decided to take a picture of the departure station, Como San Giovanni:

Credits: sirio174

After 35 minutes, I was in Milano, and using the subway, I reached the station of Lanza, near the Simplon Park, and near the Lomography Gallery Store, where I bought a pack of three 120mm film rolls and to withdraw a lomolab work (some panoramic photos taken with my Horizon Perfekt).

After a few minutes and a short walk, I reached Piazza Castello and the Park. For the joy of my feet, I quickly took off my shoes and socks, and I enjoyed a beautiful spring sunshine lying on a towel chatting in company of some people. I took some photos with my Holga 120 GN and a Diana F+. Here you can see the photos from the Ilford HP5 roll used in the Holga. The color roll inside the Diana F+ is now in Wien to be developed by the excellent lomolab service! (I develop black-and-white by myself). Here’s double exposure:

Credits: sirio174

I love to stay barefoot in the grass, I love staying in a wonderful piece of greenery far from the traffic and the noise! And I love analogue photography too! While I was walking barefoot in the wonderful grass, I reached the Peace Arch, built in 1807 under the Napoleonic rule.

Credits: sirio174

Inside the Parco Sempione (Simplon Park) there is a basket area, a public library, and an important permanent exhibition of modern art, the Palace of the Triennial. This day there was an important photo exhibition, the Trilogy by Gerard Rancinan

Credits: sirio174

But this was the first part of the evening, the sun was high in the sky, the temperature was wonderful, so before the visit to the exposition I prefer to stay a couple of hours in the green grass of the park, for my first sunbath of the season, and for walking with my Holga taking some photos of this wonderful path of greenery.

Credits: sirio174

In the park there is a pretty little bridge called “The bridge of mermaids” (Il Ponte delle Sirenette, in Italian).

Credits: sirio174

In the park I found other boys and girls who were playing frisbee and volley, so I stayed for some time with them to play in a beautiful climate of friendship!

Credits: sirio174

After one hour, I took some time to relax, before visiting the exhibition of Rancinan.

Credits: sirio174

I finished both rolls, so before taking the train to return in Como I went to the local LGS for a development service of my roll which I used in my Diana F+ camera!

Dear friend, if you are reading this article and you’re passing near Como, I’m waiting for you to stay for some hours in a wonderful park, to play, chat, relax and take photos together!

A lomo-hug for you!

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  1. neanderthalis
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    This a very nice story of your day. Happy belated birthday.

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