An Ode to the Feet


Here’s an article written “just for fun!” After writing an article (in Italian language) dedicated to the hands, I now present an informal article about the other extremity of the human body. Stay tuned!

Sometime, ago I wrote an article in Italian entitled Fotografare Le Mani (Photographing the Hands). Hands are amazing extremity of the human body that “speaks” with their actions! The hands caress, work, grab, take or leave, can be open or closed, and in general their movement is a body language that often indicates the mood of the person.

Now, with the incoming fine weather, with mild temperatures and a chance to be outdoors in full freedom, I offer to you an “ode” to the feet, through an informal article written “just for fun!”

After a long winter

Credits: sirio174

One can see from the small wrinkles on the skin on the soles that these feet have just left the captivity of the shoes!

Up and down

Credits: sirio174

The Gardens near the Lake of Como are popular for the first summer sunbaths!

“At the foot” of the Como’s Cathedral

Credits: sirio174

How many laughs we have made about this play on words!

The last sun of the year

Credits: sirio174

Towards the autumn, unfortunately, these feet must go back to their prison within a pair of shoes! The summer is at its end…the shoes are awaiting in the wardrobe!

You’ve been in the grass, admit it!

Credits: sirio174

All the people who were sunbathing in the grass were fined because they trampled the grass (an old law that is now anachronistic). Well, if you look at the traces of grass and soil on the soles of this girl you can guess that she escaped just in time!

  • One, two…three! And the yoga exercise begins!*
Credits: sirio174

From a relaxed state to an intense exercise in few seconds!

Yoga time!

These photos were taken during an enjoyable public demonstration of yoga in Piazza Cavour in Como! It was a public event organized to raise funds for charity.

With bare feet they dance… on burning embers"? (as in a song of the Italian singer Franco Battiato)

Creativity day in Como, with a nice belly dancing performed by students! Every year, the students of the high schools of my city organized some public shows in the squares of my city!

What are you looking for underwater?

Taken during the feast of Synchronized Swimming Swimming in the pool of Viale Geno in Como in a very cloudy and rainy day of June!

Maximum concentration

In this photo, a high school girl was about to begin a gymnastic exercise. The tension before the performance can be seen by how she held her feet!


Judo tournament in Appiano Gentile, an important tournament in the North of Italy.

A comfortable support

The old parapet of the lake of Como is beautiful (and comfortable!).

“At the foot” of Villa Geno

It ’s wonderful to relax in the summer, standing barefoot on the walls of the banks of my Lake! The Lake of Como is one of the most beautiful in Italy, for its wonderful pre-alpine landscape in the background!

Happy feet to all!

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