Analogue for a Day: Challenges in Shooting in Film

2012-06-07 4

Being a Lomographer in Malaysia is quite challenging, I think. ‘Why’, you ask? Well read on after the jump.

I started taking pictures using toy cameras loaded with films a year ago when a friend introduced me to Lomography and I never looked back since. In fact, my love towards Lomography grew bigger and stronger. I took more pictures, learned through mistakes, exchanged knowledge through the community and got inspired by other people’s work.

I realized that many people have made Lomography as their hobby earlier on, whereas more people have are beginning to develop an interest in Lomography day by day. However, in some way I feel that film photography in Malaysia has its own challenges.

Problem No.1:
Finding a photo lab that processes film.
One of the problems that I (and other beginners) encounter is finding a photo lab that processes film. Most photo outlets don’t offer film processing service anymore. They just have digital printing service. It is hard for me to find one that is situated near my place. The nearest took me about a 1-hour journey to be reach.

Problem No.2:
Finding a GOOD photo lab.
Looking for a photo lab itself is a problem, but finding a GOOD photo lab that gives good service and offers reasonable processing fee. I’ve experienced going to a photo lab that took one month to develop ONE ROLL OF FILM. Can you imagine how bad it is?!! While another photo lab in my campus area charged me twice the price of normal processing fee compared to other photo labs. Learn from mistakes, I avoid that photo lab and with the help and sharing from Lomographers community, I found some other photo labs that provide good service yet offers cheap processing fee. However, it’s still far from my hometown.

Problem No.3:
Finding Various Films.
Another problem that I usually encounter is finding various types of films, especially slide films. Most films are being sold online, but it’s hard to find film being sold in a physical shop like five to 10 years ago. To make things worst, earlier this year Kodak has discontinued some of its slide films, the E100G, E100VS, and Elitechrome 100. (source) I hope that Lomography will never stop producing the Lomo X-Pro Chrome 100 – my favorite slide film!

No matter what problems, I will always be a film lover and would never stop supporting Lomography. What we can do as a member of the Lomography community is to SPREAD THE ANALOGUE LOVE – tell and share our interest towards Lomography to our family, friends, everyone! Let them know about the existence of Lomography. Be proud to bring our film camera instead of digital. Snap everything, everywhere! Who knows, we might add another fan of film camera and grow the Lomography community in the future.

The Future is Analogue. Go Analogue!

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  1. shind
    shind ·

    I agree on the problem of finding a good photo lab. I have to travel 40 minutes to a photo lab to get my film processed.

  2. nasih
    nasih ·

    agreed !

    some of the shops even ruin the film even when we have to pay loads for it !
    i haven't even seen any provia astia etc. around.

    i really hope all this will change in the future, because i think it's limiting us .

  3. fendyfazeli
    fendyfazeli ·

    Dont give up ;)

  4. syira690
    syira690 ·

    @fandyfazeli i hope never,

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