Playing with Color: Having Fun with a Colorsplash Flash

2012-06-12 1

Here’s a quick tipster about how to have fun with an old Lomo LC-A camera and a new Colorsplash Flash! These photos were taken during the Beach Party at the Lomography Gallery Store of Milan.

I have both an LC-A+ (RL) camera and an old LC-A camera. The different ISO range of the cameras allows for use of both models in different light conditions. The wonderful LC-A+ allows you to use ISO range up to 1600, while the classic LCA model has an interesting diaphragm aperture control (with a lever on the right side of the camera).

If you use the camera in Auto Mode (setting the lever on position “A”) the flash is synchronized on the second curtains allowing you to capture the movement of the scene during the aperture time of the shutter. You have a dominant color of your choice, and you also have a reproduction of the other colors of the subject. This is also the behavior of the LC-A+!

Credits: sirio174

With the LC-A, there is another interesting possibility: if you use the manual aperture setting, the shutter time is fixed at 1/60s, and you can choose manually the aperture, the distance from the subject, and the ISO speed of the film. In this case, I used a Lomography CN 400 film, estimating a flash guide between 8 and 9 (see this article).

Credits: sirio174

The flash is synchronized on the first curtain, the common way used on the classic analog cameras.

If you want to saturate the colors, you can overexpose one or two stops, as in these photos, where I have obtained an almost monochrome image.

Credits: sirio174

You have two ways to overexpose: changing the shutter aperture, or shooting closer to the subject.

Have fun with your Colorsplash Flash!

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