Rainbow Bright Colors Around adi_totp!

2012-06-29 2

Do you sometimes pause a bit from life and see the colors around you? When you are walking down the streets or you are travelling alone somewhere great? You stand still and see everything is so bright and beautiful. I bet everybody here experienced this moment, the moment you grab your camera and start shooting crazy. Now I will share rainbow bright colors around me!

Credits: adi_totp

Sometimes we need that kick on the teeth before we start shooting or simply just pure inspiration from music we hear or movies we see. Beginning from that we see everything around us, around us is full of colors. Colors is indeed one of my inspiration to shoot and take lomographs as many as I could.

Credits: adi_totp

Maybe we have to walk down a carnival to see many colors or we only just walk down the streets of our town.

Credits: adi_totp

Then again it comes back to us and our own decision making to go outside or maybe to travel outside our country.

Credits: adi_totp

Now let me share my experience that “Rainbow Bright” moments, are you ready for some serious bright colors?! Fasten your seat belt!

1. Lomo LC-A+

Credits: adi_totp

The perfect tool to capture colors around us! Maybe because of the minitar lens or slide films, one thing is for sure.. The colors is seems to catch my eyes. Colors oh colors how wonderful you are!

2. LC-Wide

Credits: adi_totp

If I’m looking for the closeness of something that colors attract my eyes then I used this camera. The closer I get the more I could see the colors of the object. I love to see things in detail. Do you?

3. Horizon Perfekt

Credits: adi_totp

Use it night and day, be prepare to taste some bright and colorful panorama! Perfekt Colors!

4. Diana F+

Credits: adi_totp

This classic camera have THE lens to capture all that beautiful colors surround us. Don’t forget to mention it use 120 film. Which means? Color, color and colors to enjoy!

5. Fisheye No.2

Credits: adi_totp

My first lomo camera and I love how fisheye seems to absorb everything around us. Of course, it absord the colors too! Good job, fishy!

Check the lomographs below!

Doubles with eva_eva
Doubles with atria007
Doubles with dakadev_pui
Doubles with eastmoe
Doubles with megkalki
Doubles with istionojr
Doubles with johann_affendy
Doubles with deprofundis
Doubles with arurin

Doing doubles or film swap with friends from around the world or in Indonesia is something you all have to try to taste colors. I mean everyday you see that same colors and somebody in other part of the world see other colors, why not exchange a film? one film two lomographers and many many many beautiful colors! It is really an amazing experience to see all these bright and beautiful colors once you developed the negative and immediately scan it.. Voila! Explosion of colors! I can’t get enough of that, I think I’m addicted to doing film swap.

Credits: adi_totp

To see these rainbow bright colors really really make me happy and shooting at them make me happier! I’m sure that you all do enjoy shooting especially in a sunny happy day, oh well while writing this article I was at my room and the sun seems shy . Maybe tomorrow I’ll shoot and capture colors around me like usual.

So this is Rainbow Bright Colors around me, adi_totp!

Credits: adi_totp

May the colors be with you!

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  1. megkalki
    megkalki ·

    brilliant work :D

  2. istionojr
    istionojr ·

    seru2 amat nih artikel2 lo di. keep posting gan! ;)

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