First Time Spinner: What I Loved and Learned


After seeing a gazillion amazing photos taken with the Spinner, I knew I had to get my hands one one of these panoramic beauties. Before taking it with me on a holiday, I shot a test roll. Find out what I learned from it in this tipster!

Credits: desibel


Don’t start with the lens pointing towards yourself — you either won’t be in the picture or you’ll end up on the sides. Personally, I like it better when the main subject is (slightly) in the middle of the picture. To do this, make sure the lens points in the opposite direction of yourself!

Credits: desibel


When taking a group picture, make sure not to be the only one close to the camera, or you will look like a giant or an ogre like me.

Credits: desibel


You don’t have to go the full 360 degrees! These two are the result of a shorter ‘pull’. The first one I did on purpose, the second one was at the end of the roll.

Credits: desibel


No matter how much experience you have, kids are and will always be more photogenic and better photographers. He immediately understood the Spinner and took this amazing shot — in fact my favorite on the roll!

Credits: desibel


Be more aware of what you’re doing with your hand after releasing the cable. Again, my little friend here naturally made a peace-sign, while my hand just…I don’t know.

Credits: desibel

My expectations of the first testroll weren’t that high, but I must say I’m pleasantly surprised! I hope these tips will make your first Spinner-roll a little better than mine! Also, an article by russheath really helped me with my first roll. Anyone else got any tips?

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