Il Lupino Trattoria & Wine Bar


Il Lupino is one of my favorite fancy restaurants to visit – it’s got an upscale dining area with charming decor, incredibly classy food, and is located in the elegant Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center in Waikiki, Hawaii. A must visit!

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What I absolutely adore about Il Lupino Trattoria & Wine Bar is that the chefs and team there strive to serve authentic Italian cuisine. It’s a refreshing mindset, and their dedication to quality really shines through.

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My aunty and I visited Il Lupino a few weeks ago for lunch, and we had the most amazing experience! We called ahead to make reservations, but when we arrived, the restaurant was pretty empty, so we had a whole corner of the room to ourselves to talk and relax.

The decor is brilliant – not too flashy but with dark wood trims, quaint paintings lining the walls, and wine bottles elegantly displayed. The entire restaurant feels very high class and extremely sophisticated.

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Not to mention, the wait staff was impeccable and served us with politeness and ease. That’s a huge plus, especially here in Hawaii, because the standard for service is normally set high to begin with, since we are a tourist-driven state. So to see exceptional service really means something great.

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The pasta was great. We both had different pasta dishes, and both of them were extremely tasty. Now I’m no food critic, but the pasta tasted very delicate – not smothered by heavy marinara sauce, but really balanced with the vegetables and the sausage that was included. I ended up feeling full, but not heavy, after my meal. In fact, we both had enough comfortable room in our stomachs to eat dessert!

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I ordered the tiramisu, which was also recommended by our waitress. I normally have high expectations for tiramisu, since it’s such a popular dessert. Il Lupino did not let me down, the tiramisu was moist, the lady fingers were not stale, and it was topped with bittersweet chocolate powder that didn’t choke the back of my throat like I had expected it to. Simply delicious.

I hope to return to Il Lupino soon, in the very near future. Make sure to stop by this amazing Italian restaurant in the heart of Waikiki!

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