Share Your Excellent Analog Adventure with Lomography and Urban Outfitters For A Chance To Win Big!


Take a ride with Lomography and Urban Outfitters this summer for an Excellent Analog Adventure! Your photograph could win you a trip to NYC, your very own show at the Lomography Gallery Store NYC and a ton of Lomography Cameras to document the whole thing!

We teamed up with Urban Outfitters to celebrate all of the amazing parts of summer! The faces you met, the places you see and the unforgettable things that cross your path, each can earn you a chance at getting one of the best Grand Prizes ever!

We’re sending one lucky winner to New York City, to the opening of their very own Gallery Show at the Lomography Gallery Store NYC, to party hard with both Lomography and Urban Outfitters, armed with a ton of Lomography cameras, film and free developing!

Only one grand prize? Don’t worry, there’s literally 100 other chances to win great cameras (including some mystery ones)!

From June 4th until June 24th June 30th, we’ll be accepting submissions of your best analog photos in the following categories:

Faces – Show us who: the people, pups, and statues you’ve acquainted your lens with!
Places – Found a secluded beach or went on a hike in the mountain tops? Let’s see it!
Things – World’s Largest Ball of Yarn? Ice cream cones galore? Enter them here!


Grand Prize: An Excellent Analog Adventure to New York City

  • A four-day, three-night stay in New York City, flight and accommodations included
  • Curate a month-long exhibit of your analog photos for the Lomography Gallery Store NYC
  • Attend the Excellent Adventure party hosted by Lomography and Urban Outfitters to celebrate the opening night of your exhibit
  • A deluxe Lomography camera package with 20 rolls of film with free developing

100 Runner-Up Prizes

  • The top 15 winners will each receive a La Sardina Splendour, our hammer-finished, metal beauty with elegant stripes that’ll bring you back to the earliest days of street photography
  • The second tier of 15 winners will each receive a La Sardina Beach Edition camera. The cloth is cut in a different way for every camera, making each one unmistakably unique.
  • The next 60 winners will each receive a top secret camera!
  • 10 more winners will have an extra chance to win a top secret camera using their social media skills!

Of course, there are some rules! Read *these rules* carefully to make sure that your entries will be eligible to win!

Head over to the competition microsite to take a closer look at the prizes, check out the submissions, and enter your own prize winning images!

Good Luck!

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  1. sweetyyydreams
    sweetyyydreams ·

    I love Urban Outfitters (I bought my very first lomo camera, the Diana F+ Edelweiss through them), I love Lomography, and there will be 100 winners with great prizes, which makes me think for once "Why not me?!": this competition is perfect for me!

  2. duktiga
    duktiga ·

    Hi! When is the deadline for the submits?

  3. renatamotteran
    renatamotteran ·

    hi! when will we all know the winners?

  4. crincle
    crincle ·

    Wohooooooooooo, I won!!! So happy :) Does anybody know when the prizes will be sent out?

  5. gborin
    gborin ·

    I am one of the winners too, but still no word on when I'll receive the prize (fisheye baby).

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