Sweet Innocent Smiles in Analogue

2012-06-03 23

Admit it, you just can’t help but snap a child’s innocent smile once you’ve witnessed it! Their sweet sweet look into the lens of your analogue camera is just like sugar-filled candy inside your mouth.

Well, I suppose all of you get it now! These kids lovely faces are something that makes you want to capture each moment with them. Just adorable!

That’s why in this week’s selection of analogue photos, we at the Community will serve you 50 Lomographs of superb cuteness!

Here are the best Lomographs of children uploaded in our Community. Such a fun collection we have scoured! Enjoy everyone!

Credits: shoujoai, kiri-girl, arurin, jmcedo, hanibale, jennson, warning, disdis, domyblue, blackcoffeeandtantrum, lisi, meryl, ryszardl70, whitelise, herr_zeit, libellule, volker-jp, coca, naddie, superkulisap, djramsay, klyushnev, dru-poole, mafiosa, gyaza, grazie, chymerikaen, reddevil, kidmonks, moodification, why-yu, ipdegirl, ohoska, adam_g2000 & thufflife

Did we miss a cute child’s smile? Then submit it! We’d love to see those candy cutie smiles!

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  1. coca
    coca ·

    nice selection, thanks for including pictures of my nephews :)

  2. mayeemayee
  3. grazie
    grazie ·

    thanks so much @mayeemayee for including my niece Andi's photo. She thanks you too :)

  4. superkulisap
    superkulisap ·

    thanks @mayeemayee :)

  5. disdis
    disdis ·

    love them all!

  6. volker-jp
    volker-jp ·

    @mayeemayee thanks for including my pic! Happy day!

  7. barakalofi
    barakalofi ·

    so tender! thanks a lot!

  8. djramsay
    djramsay ·

    @mayeemayee thank you :)

  9. meryl
    meryl ·

    thanks @mayeemayee :)

  10. meryl
    meryl ·

    thanks @mayeemayee :)

  11. jmcedo
    jmcedo ·

    Many Thanks @mayeemayee !!

  12. ipdegirl
    ipdegirl ·

    Love this collection! Thanks for including the shot of my brother :)

  13. mafiosa
    mafiosa ·

    Adorable compilation. Thank you @mayeemayee !

  14. hanibale
    hanibale ·

    thanks @mayeemayee :* Thank you for choosing my photo :)

  15. moodification
    moodification ·

    Thanks for choosing my pics ;-))

  16. mayeemayee
    mayeemayee ·

    Thanks too and cheers to everyone! :D

  17. hughh
    hughh ·

    That first photo is amazing. Great composition!

  18. ck_berlin
  19. mayeemayee
    mayeemayee ·

    Thank you for the submissions! :D

  20. macstef
    macstef ·

    oooooo very cool!!!

  21. dannox
  22. lenyvole
    lenyvole ·

    When I look at these pictures the only word that comes in my mouth is AWWW. These children are so beautiful!

  23. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·

    Thanks @mayeemayee for making one of my pictures to the cover of this selection :) and thanks @hughh for the nice compliment!

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