Best LomoKino Videos of the Week: It Must be Love!

2012-06-02 1

I don’t know what it is exactly, but it could be this obsession, this little thing called love. So infectious that it penetrates anyone’s gut to the core. This week, we explore the different facets of this bug that got everyone so crazy about!

You told it yourself, that this is just going to be a summer fling; something to pass time and to further this relationship is none of your plans. But what’s this? You’re still clinging on to each other like there’s forever. Yep, admit it, you are in love! Though how cheesy it might sounds, maybe it’s something that is meant to happen.

This four letter word that seems to be so stale and overused these days is what our LomoKino shooters are actually experiencing right now and it overwhelms them so much that they have to make a movie about it! So here they are, compiled neatly in one screening for your heart’s content!

✘ Vimeo:

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